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Updates on Key Higher Education Litigation

Three key cases (Title IX Dear Colleague of 2011, Title IX bathroom/locker room use, Accreditation) remain pending in federal court.  A brief status update follows– Title IX Dear Colleague of 2011.  John Doe and Oklahoma Wesleyan University v. U. S. Department of Education, et al., Civil Action No. 1:16-cv-01158-RC.  Filed in federal court in the … Continue Reading

Key Education-Related Hearings In Federal Court the Week of January 30, 2017

The hearing on a preliminary injunction sought by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (“ACICS”) in ACICS v. U.S. Department of Education et al., Civil Action No. 1:16-cv-02448 (termination of recognition of accreditor for purposes of Title IV student aid) is set for Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 9:30 AM at the E. … Continue Reading

Federal Court to CFPB: No Authority Over Accreditation

In what appears to be the first decision to address the scope of authority of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) in the higher education context, last Thursday (April 21, 2016) a federal district court in Washington, DC held the CFPB had no authority to issue a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) to the accreditor, Accrediting … Continue Reading

Accreditation on the Agenda for June 17, 2015 Senate Hearing

Accreditation is the subject of the next higher education reauthorization hearing scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM before the Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions.   Earlier in the year, the committee released a white paper titled “Higher Education Accreditation: Concepts and Proposals.”   The paper serves as a means to … Continue Reading

Feedback on Senate HELP Committee’s Three White Papers to Aid HEA Reauthorization

Today, the Senate Committee on Health Education Labor and Pensions released three staff white papers seeking feedback from stakeholders and the public as a part of the Higher Education Act Reauthorization process.  The papers are titled Higher Education Accreditation (17 pages), Risk-Sharing/Skin-In-The-Game (9 pages), and Federal Postsecondary Data Transparency and Consumer Information (12 pages).  Each … Continue Reading

Senate Bill Presents New Option for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions, Programs, and Individual Courses

Last week (January 9, 2014), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity Act, S. 1904, which would allow states to develop their own systems of accreditation of colleges and universities, programs, and individual higher education courses.  Lee’s press release states the legislation would not replace the current accreditation system, but simply … Continue Reading

Administration Seeks to Use Federal Student Aid and Accreditation to Control Tuition and Student Outcomes

In its policy plan released after the State of the Union message, the Obama Administration intends to leverage federal student aid and the accreditation process to control the price of tuition and student outcomes in higher education.  The release–“The President’s Plan for a Strong Middle Class & Strong America“–consists of eight pages of bullet points … Continue Reading

Has the Department of Education Missed a Deadline for its December NACIQI Hearing?

As folks who follow accreditation matters know, the first meeting in several years of the National Advisory Committee for Institutional Quality and Improvement (NACIQI) is set for December 1-3, 2010.  That meeting was originally scheduled for September, but last August the Department postponed it to December.  But it looks as though the Department may have missed … Continue Reading

NACIQI Elects Chairman and Vice Chairman

The National Advisory Committee for Institutional Quality and Improvement (NACIQI) held a teleconference meeting today, November 8, to handle various administrative matters relating to its upcoming December 1-3 meeting.  I had the opportunity to attend the meeting. The NACIQI unanimously elected Cameron Staples its Chairman and Arthur Rothkopf its Vice Chairman.  Interestingly, Staples (a member … Continue Reading